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Kevin Young-

Kevin Young spent 35 years in the computer and technology field, writing software for the microchips that go inside cars and trucks and then moving into IT, servers and networks.

Although technology has always been my mainstay, I’ve also always had an interest in motivational and inspirational materials.  My life dream has been to have a business where I could teach this type of material to others.

In 2002, I branched out and started my own IT company after taking the life-changing, Dale Carnegie Course.  This introduced me to the concept of coaching and training which really resonated with me.

When I married my wife, Suzanne, in 2007, we both knew we had to start a company to express our mutual love of supporting people in their personal growth and expansion.  Thus was born, Personal Success Programs.  I became an ICF-credentialed life and business coach in 2013 and am close to getting my advanced certification soon.

Besides coaching, we also teach others about the naturally-occurring, Law of Attraction and how to apply it in daily life and business situations.  It’s our passion and purpose and there’s nothing that either of us would rather be doing!

Last year, we finally decided to go fulltime with Personal Success Programs and so shut down the IT company for good.  It’s been a wild ride of high highs, low lows and tons of self-discovery but we’ve never looked back.
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