Kevin Appleby’s mission is to help you Become a Visionary Business Accountant Equipped for the New Challenges of the 2020’s /Ep2807


Kevin Appleby: Ive spent my career as a Chartered Accountant and management consultant helping organisations like yours better understand what drives success, and helping drive digital transformation. That might be helping you understand the true cost of the products and services your organisation supplies and the customers you serve. I help my consulting clients understand the economics of their business model and reshape it to maximise value. Ive helped private sector clients optimise profits and public sector clients deliver better value for money.

I’ve been at the heart of business change projects for over 20 years, often supplying the key numbers that shape the transformation to the management team. Numbers and insight that their own finance people were unable to provide. These days I still consult, but I spend most of my time passing these skills on to other accountants and finance people like you. Most finance teams are too embedded in the accounts and the reporting spreadsheets to step back and understand the real picture. I’ll help you build your skills, use the right tools and techniques, and create the time that will allow you to become a vital and visionary member of your business team. In the 2020s you need to be a very different accountant to your predecessors. You need to be tech savvy, embrace change and learn to use your unique insight to advise your colleagues. Its a tall order!

Do you need help supporting your organisation to maximise value or reduce cost? To set Zero Based Budgets that focus your managers on the organisation’s priorities? Maybe you need help with strategy and business plans, or maybe you struggle to report the right information to let you know you are on course to deliver those plans?

I can help through coaching and mentoring, through delivering training for you and your team, or with hands on consulting support to get the change project done.


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