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  • 917:Keith Blakemore Noble is a hypnotist & magician, best-selling author, Confidence & Phobia expert, and global speaker.  

Keith Blakemore Noble-

Keith Blakemore Noble is a hypnotist & magician, best-selling author, Confidence & Phobia expert, and global speaker.
The founder, editor and compiler of Winning in Life and Work, he is also known as the Confidence Alchemist™ and even HypnoTainment.
From paralyzing shyness to teaching on stages in the UK, USA, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Singapore, Keith has come far from a life that is just a distant memory now. Keith, who has worked closely alongside Chris Howard for over four years and with whom he traveled the world sharing these tools and technologies, brings a natural humour and wit to the stage, and a captivating presence, allowing you to learn from him with ease as he shares with you the same tools which he used to make massive transformations in his own lives and those of his clients.
He is the world’s number one utiliser of Freedom Technologies™, which he has carefully developed and refined and continues to enhance as brain and behavioural sciences evolve, he
 helps people to conquer their shyness and
 to reclaim their confidence. This helps them to find their voice – be it for speaking from a stage, speaking in team meetings, or
 just having the confidence to raise their hand and ask questions in seminars – and ensures that his clients are in a far better place to be able to connect with other people in social and business situations, resulting in them leading happier and more fulfilling lives. And who doesn’t want that?
A living embodiment of the cutting-edge sciences and tools he employs, he has used them all on himself first, so he knows how well they work and also understands how the processes feel from your perspective.
Prior to moving full-time into helping people, he spent thirteen successful years in IT, including leading a team with members in the UK, Norway, and New Zealand. He has gone from reprogramming and upgrading computers to reprogramming and upgrading people’s minds! The latter is infinitely more rewarding, it has to be said.
An accomplished international speaker, Keith has spoken for a wide variety of organisations including the BBC, Rotary International, BNI and more, on topics around confidence and hypnosis.
A strong believer that change is always possible, he invites you to change your mind; change your life.

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