1061:Kathie Bigelow is an intuit emowerment change agent in Utah

1061:Kathie Bigelow is an intuit emowerment change agent in Utah



Kathie Bigelow specializes in assisting those dealing with early sobriety, with individuals dealing with grief, anxiety or just stuck in any area in life and deserving EMPOWERMENT tools for change.

Kathie is known for her Frank, authentic, real world approach to tackling life’s pass’ s and curve balls. With 25 years of experience. As a successful recovering addicts herself…many have had success in her program of recovery, with her advanced knowledge and experience in what it takes for long term to be joyous & free.

As a Chakra expert her programs in BALANCE and generational healing has served many individuals and families.

Kathie is a medium as well a and has the privilage of sharing messages from LOVED ONES that have passed. Her TWIN passed away suddenly 2 years ago…one of the most devastating and life defining event in her life. Her ability has grown double fold. There is great joy that comes along with assisting individuals with their special journey’s of Grief in finding that in time happiness, connection and understanding of LOVED ones that have passed is ok and does become a part of their new normal that grief is not a one size fits all.

When Kathie isn’t glued to a book, organizing Or decorating (her other loves). She enjoys time with husband of 26 years and two Lovely daughters, nature, her horses for much needed therapy, BALANCE and clarity.
She is also currently working on a memoir.

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