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Kate Riley-

Kate Riley is the founder and director of KateRiley.org, a website addressing LIFE and DEATH issues. Kate is a certified death midwife, minister, educator, advocate,  is the founder and director of KateRiley.org, a website addressing LIFE and DEATH issues. international story consultant and author. With twenty-five years working in the medical field, and over a decade working as a story consultant, Kate brings her well-honed skills of deep listening to her work. She began her life work in the field of death and dying after completing her training with Hospice in 1988. Kate had no idea at the time where it would all lead.

As a child, Kate experienced many deaths, and it wasn’t until later in adulthood that she sought to transcend the fear she felt at each death. Over time, Kate began to approach the passing of loved ones in a different way. In 2007, when Kate was called to her father’s bedside, she experienced something completely different. Despite her father’s ventilator, they found a way to communicate. She claims it was one of the most intimate moments of her life. Shortly after her father’s death, Kate began her training as a death midwife. In 2014, Kate helped her mother remain at home in order to die a conscious death. Kate lives in Idaho where she works as a home funeral guide and advocate/liaison for the dying and their families.

Kate brings a creative edge to her life, maintaining her love of writing. This is where she finds balance, stressing the importance of checking in on her own storyline. Kate has learned it’s a great way to connect on a deeper level as writing offers her a way into living well and in alignment with her soul, rewriting the narrative when needed, insisting it keeps her living in the moment. Kate finds the introspection demanded by writing as well as the writing itself directs her life into new and profound territories of meaning. At times, she finds humor in her writing, which provides fresh insight as well as welcome relief.

As an international story consultant, Kate occasionally still takes on manuscript projects. She knows that if she gave up the work entirely it would feel very much like giving up reading, another love. For the past fifteen years, Kate has helped many writers publish their works. She has facilitated writing workshops and retreats in the United States as well as Spain. Her clients reach across the globe. She recognizes that story-telling is an ancient catalyst to human development and evolution. Our personal mythologies reveal to us who we are, believes Kate; she understands how our personal mythologies underlie our capacity to heal and says that in order to rewrite the human story, we must first know our own.

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