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  • Kate Hagerty is an eWomen Network Premier Success Coach, a Life Purpose Guide, a 3x Certified Coach, Speaker, Published Author, Gifted Intuitive, Certified Graphologist and the Founder & CEO of Soul Purpose /Ep2336

Kate Hagerty

Kate Hagerty spent over 30 years in corporate America in sales, marketing and advertising. Just after her 47th birthday, she came to the painful realization that she was not only on the wrong wrung, she was on the wrong ladder. The questions “Why am I really here?” and “What is my true life purpose?” were incessant. The anxiety she felt sent her on a plight to find the answers and what she discovered is that her purpose is to help others find theirs.

Today Kate is an eWomen Network Premier Success Coach, a Life Purpose Guide, a 3x certified coach, speaker, published author, gifted intuitive, certified graphologist and the Founder & CEO of Soul Purpose.

Kate specializes in working with seasoned professional women who feel stuck and have reached a place in their lives where they are painfully aware that “something is missing.” They feel called to do something else, something bigger but they have no idea what that is, how to figure it out or where to start. Often their health and most significant relationships have been affected too and as a result, they are ready to take action to align their lives with their true calling, so that they can do what they really came here to do and whom they really came here to serve.

For more information or to sign up for her free e-newsletter, visit http://www.soulpurpose.biz/



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