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568:Karen Rowe is a collaborative writer, book strategist and #1 International Bestselling Author

Karen Rowe-

Karen Rowe is a collaborative writer, book strategist and #1 International Bestselling Author. She runs a full-service writing firm known for helping elite alpha male business owners get their books written in three days or less. Her clients include a retired FBI Agent, a reality TV star, a motion picture actor and some of the top self-help leaders in the industry.

Karen was living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada when a business trip to Tampa changed her life forever. Her client told her, “We need ghostwriters here. Our company’s clientele all need a book, but they are too busy to write it themselves.”

Nine months later, Karen moved her life and her business to Florida. She realized she could work from anywhere with an internet connection, so… why not Tampa? Today her clients fly from all over the world to write a book through her proven system known as Book at the Beach. Her clients walk away feeling immense relief, knowing their book is in good hands.


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