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Karen Rowe-

A #1 International Bestselling author, Karen Rowe is the owner of Front Rowe Seat, a full-service writing firm. She is an expert in nonfiction and can help you position yourself as a Leading Authority in your niche. Karen develops professionally written and designed books, done-for-you. Her clients include an actor, a retired FBI Agent, a Reality TV star, entrepreneurs with online empires and some of the top self-help leaders in the industry. Her mission is to help you find your voice and uncover your own unique and powerful story to create an instant connection with your marketplace.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

Snippet of Karen‘s previous episode [00:29]
How are you doing? [01:09]
So what’s going on in your world? [01:30]
What’s going on professionally? Have you continued with being a ghost writer? [01:58]
Can I go to karenrowe.com and get all of these information? [04:41]
On looking back of what Karen has accomplished [04:59]
On being a ghostwriter [05:42]
Talking about legacy [07:33]
On the topic about purpose [08:38]
How have you kept yourself going? [09:50]
In closing, is there anything else you’d like to share with our amazing audience? [12:15]


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