1123: Justin Ledford says- “My journey in business and life has been incredible…


Justin Ledford

Hey there! My name is Justin Ledford and I want to be straight up with you for a minute.

I’ve always had huge dreams, pushed myself to my limits, and pursued excellence, and brought out the best in people.

My dream growing up was to be an professional baseball player until one of my greatest challenges came at the age of 22 after I almost cut my hand off and nearly died from loss of blood…

Despite the doctor telling him “You will never use your hand again”, & the excruciating pain for weeks. I never would of realized that this incident would shape my future beliefs, habits, & dreams. I bounced back in a big way and decided to take life head on and teach EVERYONE I come in contact with that we are all capable of pursuing our dreams and living a level 10 life.

My obsession became building sustainable sales and marketing businesses and teaching people skills for life that will allow others to live their dreams.

My journey in business and life has been incredible producing millions of dollars and living a life most dream of.

Teaching people how to live a life by design instead of default is what’s important to me. How to Master productivity, visualization, and meditation are key elements in living with intentionally with purpose.

The dream comes to those who have vision are willing to hustle.



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