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Julie Leduc

My name is Julie Leduc and I would like to take this opportunity to briefly introduce a new financial company that I am a part of. 

Your Move, Your Money was started by Edna Friesen and myself. We came together with a common goal; to make advanced financial concepts accessible and doable for families and businesses who desire to achieve all their financial goals. 

With each of our different backgrounds, experiences & specialties, we are able to offer individual coaching sessions that are personalized and truly holistic in developing plans and strategies for every unique situation. 

We are here to help save money, improve cash flow, and/or create simple, actionable steps to hitting those targets they’ve always dreamed of.  We are dedicated to educating the family (or individual) how to thrive in today’s economic landscape. 

If you think you, or any of your friends or family, could benefit from what we offer, I would be pleased to discuss this in additional detail. Please feel free to call me at 613-277-5271 or by reaching out to julie@beyondmortgages.ca.

Www. Yourmoveyourmoney.ca

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