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Julia Geisman

Julia Geisman, CEO of CareerAgilitytm LLC, has spent her career advocating for gender diversity and for women in leadership. As a life-long entrepreneur, she has come face-to-face with the
biases and variations of the limitations professional women continue to experience.

Geisman believes that attracting and retaining talented women is a business imperative which
led to the founding of CareerAgility. The company systematically addresses the barriers that
limit women from having an equal voice and advancement opportunities. CareerAgility’s
proprietary online LEAP Scorecard provides its clients with data regarding their success in
creating a workplace that attracts and retains highly qualified women.

Geisman is passionate about mitigating unconscious gender bias and behavioral expectations.
Her areas of expertise include cross-gender communication, women in leadership, women as
change agents, managing gender and generational differences, emotional intelligence, team
building, conflict management, negotiation skills, and career management. She coaches
women, executives and senior leaders as well as conducts workshops nationally and

Geisman has a Masters degree in Organizational Management and Development and has been
an adjunct professor at BU’s Questrom School of Business’s MBA program, Suffolk University
and Wentworth Institute University.

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