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Judy Rodman-

Judy Rodman is an award winning vocal coach, session singer, recording artist, stage & multimedia performer, songwriter, author, studio producer and public speaker. Named ‘Best Vocal Coach” by NashvilleMusicPros and “Vocal Coach in Residence, August 2013” by TC Helicon’s VoiceCouncil Magazine, Judy teaches her trademarked vocal training method “Power, Path and Performance”™ to singers and speakers nationally and internationally in her office, by phone, Skype & Zoom. She is a published author with several professional vocal courses and contributor to industry books and magazines; her “All Things Vocal” blog has over 1 million views and her All Things Vocal podcast is available at iTunes, Google Play and Amazon. With thousands of studio credits as staff jingle singer, session singer on decades of hit records including her own, Judy can regularly be found in the recording studio producing tracks or producing vocals as part of other production teams, as well as creating arrangements and singing background vocals.

Judy has had #1 records as artist, songwriter and producer and won ACM “New Female Vocalist” and BMI Millionaire awards. She teaches major label and indie recording artists, touring and studio background singers, public speakers and voiceover talent. She is the premier vocal coach for PCG Nashville Talent Development Agency. Her clients have appeared on The Today Show, Letterman, Degeneres, The Voice, American Idol, AGT, Grammys, CMA, ACM & MTV Awards, NYT Best Seller list. Based in Nashville, she teaches in office, by phone, Skype & Zoom. She is member of NATS, SAG-AFTRA, AFofM, BMI. http://www.judyrodman.com

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