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Judy Rodman-

Judy Rodman is an award-winning vocal coach, recording artist, stage and television performer, public speaker, author, podcaster, songwriter, musician, studio producer and vocal consultant with 5 decades of success in the music industry.

Named ‘Best Vocal Coach” by Nashville Music Pros and “Vocal Coach in Residence, August 2013” by TC Helicon’s VoiceCouncil Magazine, Judy teaches her vocal training method “Power, Path and Performance”™ to singers and speakers locally in her Nashville office, and globally by phone and webcam. Her clients include major and indie recording artists and labels, artist development companies, touring & studio background singers, national public speakers, teachers, media personnel and voiceover talent. Her students and recording clients have appeared on The Today Show, Letterman, Ellen Degeneres, The Voice, American Idol, America’s Got Talent, Grammys, CMA, ACM & MTV Awards Shows, New York Times Best Seller list. She is a member of SAG-AFTRABMIAFM Local 257ACMNATS

Judy is a published author with two “Power, Path and Performance” vocal training courses, a groundbreaking multimedia guide called “Singing In The Studio”, a DVD video presentation for producers and engineers called “Vocal Production Workshop”. Her ‘All Things Vocal’ blog has over 1.5 million views. She has 60 articles at http://www.ezinearticles.com. She publishes a newsletter for Judy Rodman Productions . Her articles have appeared in myriads of books, magazines and websites that serve the music industry and voices. She recently published ‘Singing In The Studio’ paperback & ebook on Amazon.

As public speaker, Judy gives keynote speeches, seminars and workshops on the voice and studio vocal production. She is creator and host of “All Things Vocal” podcast, also available at iTunesTuneIn RadioGoogle PlayLast FMSpotify and most other podcast apps.

As songwriter, Judy’s credits include her own top 10 Billboard single “She Thinks That She’ll Marry” and BMI Millionaire award for “One Way Ticket (Because I Can)”, cut by LeAnn Rimes. “Missing Child” was featured as part of a documentary on the CNN website. ‘Gambler Of Us All’ is on the soundtrack of the 2015 Robert Duvall movie “Wild Horses”. Judy collaborated with Darren J. Butler as songwriter, music director and cast recording producer for two contemporary musicals including “We The People” (released 2017), “Runaway” (a work in progress) and “Take My Seat” (2018).

With literally thousands of studio credits as singer, vocal arranger and producer, Judy has worked on country, pop, singer/songwriter, r&b and Christian contemporary projects. Judy specializes as vocal producer on projects headed by other top producers including Greg Archilla, Bob Bullock, Roger Ryan, Britton Cameron, Rogers Masson, Ron Oates, Jimmy Ritchie, Michael Stergis, Ilya Toshinsky. She also creates arrangements and sings background vocals.

Previously MTM Records artist with Billboard chart-topping singles, national tours, performances on major TV shows, winner of “ACM New Female Vocalist”, Judy released the cd “Here We Are” in 2015 with her husband as “John and Judy Rodman” to rave reviews.

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