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Judy Hoberman-

Judy Hoberman, President of Walking on the Glass Floor and Selling In A Skirt- International Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Author and Mentor. Her 30 years in business has given her both the knowledge and sense of humor about how men and women sell, work and live differently will enlighten you in learning how both genders can support each other’s successes in a more productive way.

Her audiences, from 10 to 10,000 are engaged with details wrapped in memorable stories that are easily implemented that same day. In 2016 she was a TEDx speaker talking about pre-judging people, something we all do without even thinking. She is the author of “Selling In A Skirt”, “Famous Isn’t Enough”, “Pure Wealth” and newest book, “Walking on the Glass Floor”. A complete training program rounds out the training and development of women in leadership and the men that champion them. As her book was coming off the printing press, Judy completed a program from Cornell University’s College of Business in Women in Leadership and a second program for Women in Entrepreneurship.

She was named as a “Woman to Watch” for International Women’s Day 2019 from Thrive Global. 

Judy’s mission…to help One Woman A Day by following an important philosophy-“Women want to be treated equally, not identically” 


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