908:Josie Coco’s adult working life has encompassed many different fields


Josie Coco-

Josie Coco says adult working life has encompassed many different fields; she has been a nurse and a midwife, founded a multi-million dollar office products distribution business, and created and operated a childcare franchise. She brings a wealth of knowledge and practical good sense to her Practice, combined with an essential foundation of nurturing and care.

Josie first encountered energy healing in 2010. She was looking for a modality that incorporated the leading edge sciences, and The BodyTalk System fitted her criteria.

Josie was very encouraged to see the intersection of the BodyTalk System and the new knowledge offered in Quantum Physics, Epigenetics, Morphic Field theory, and others. She sees this as vital to improving and expanding health care into the future, and perceives the enormous value this information has for supporting groups and teams.

One of the highlights for Josie was the academic rigour of the principles behind The BodyTalk System. The science of BodyTalk was rewarding to her intellectual curiosity.

By applying her knowledge of energy fields that develop and operate in the physical body, Josie examines the energetics and information that form in energy fields of businesses. Revealing and bringing to awareness how this information relates to the business owner and business teams, then integrating it, enables it to come into alignment with the purpose of the business and the business owner’s desires and goals.


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