Jordan Debbink is an advocate and author. Adopted into a tight-knit...)

766:Jordan Debbink is an advocate and author

Jordan Debbink-

Jordan Debbink is an advocate and author. Adopted into a tight-knit family at 9 months from Bucharest, Romania; he was encouraged to work hard and keep his eye on his dreams. Since then, he has dedicated himself to giving voices to the voiceless and hope to the hopeless, encouraging people to figure out where they are in life and to find their own vocations and paths.

Jordan released his first book, Heroes of Faith in 2014. Heroes of Faith is a hard, honest look at politics, with stories of the people who inspired him early on. As a former crisis pregnancy center director and founder, he has brought his management experience to Shepherds College in Union Grove, WI, where he works as the res life coordinator. He also serves on a number of nonprofit boards and volunteers his writing services at other organizations.

In 2016, Jordan is set to release a series of children’s books about intellectual disabilities.  Following the release of these kid’ books, his first novel, The Hustings, is set to come out in March of 2017.


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