1173: Jon Braddock is an author, speaker and professional advisor/coach


Jon Braddock-

Jon Braddock is an author, speaker and professional advisor/coach. After more than 30 years as a successful employee benefit and retirement planning consultant, his personal life experience led him to focus in a new direction – getting our digital lives in order.
“Far too many people cannot put their hands on critical documents, have digital files, paper files, scattered files – all of which are, frankly, a mess,” says Braddock. “This is not only critical in life, but also in death. When my father-in-law passed, we spent a year getting his estate in order. Nobody should have to go through this and it is now my mission to help people get their life in order – now.” Jon guides you on how to get your house in digital order and the information your loved ones will need should something happen to you.  He’ll help you create an informative, simple step-by-step plan. He took it even farther with the creation of http://www.mylifeandwishes.com, a guide that organizes your life and lets you share information (as much or as little you want) with the people you leave behind. With six millennial-age children and parents in their 80s, Jon is passionate about planning for his family’s future. Jon is the author of two books on financial planning and co-founder with his wife Michelle of the new education and digital planning platform, MyLifeandWishes.com.  His third book, “Click Here When I Die,”   is an irreverent guide to modern day Death Etiquette.

Why Life Planning is Needed Today?

Jon’s personal experience drove him to become a life planning expert. Jon shares how he transformed the year-long challenge after the death of his father-in-law into a universal planning tool everyone can use. Planning during life to get your house in digital order is something often overlooked, yet vitally important to individuals as they enter their golden years. Jon teaches how to make that happen with ease so that everyone has the ability to give their family the gift of well-planned and easily accessed estate information – everything from online passwords (often overlooked) to auto payments to final wishes and desires.

For Event Planners and Retirement Communities

Jon is available for keynote addresses as well as group workshops at senior communities or centers. We can train staff to share this information and to gain access to the special online tool http://www.mylifeandwishes.com for everyone you serve.
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