1984:John Francis is a Human Resources professional, podcast host and entrepreneur

John Francis

John Francis-

John Francis is a Human Resources professional, podcast host and entrepreneur. 

President of Theonera Inc. a virtual recruitment and retention business that provides affordable HR services to businesses worldwide.

The Founder of TheResumeFilter a SaaS business that screens and sorts job applicants and presents only qualified candidates to hiring managers.

Podcast host of : Work Passion Fit. A show that talks with business leaders and entrepreneurs about what they are truly passionate about and how their passions manifest themselves in their work.

Holders of a Masters of Philosophy from Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium.

I have a passion for the following; my family, reading [I absolutely love a great story], soccer, running, the arts, skiing, hiking, national and international travel.

A Canadian and European citizen.

Avid consumer of economic and political trends and issues

http://www.theonera.com http://www.theresumefilter.com


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