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John Dalton

Joh Dalton-

I am John Dalton. My work arises at the intersection of consciousness and love.

With influences as diverse as Anish Kapoor, Charles Bukowski and Krishnamurti, new insights are distilled from both internal and external dialogue.

Art, for me, is a crucial means for expressing felt knowledge.

My diverse works – in podcasting, painting, writing, music, photography, film, and installations – gently probe the curtain of existence, pulling it aside in places allowing glimpses into the mystery beyond.

What starts out as inner vision comes to life through diligent process leaving a sense of unknown recognition and the prospect of new understanding.

As subtle forms become focused through deliberate artistic embodiment, the viewer is left with a hymn to the innermost recesses of their being.

Like most people my age I’ve had many lives within the one. I’ve loved deeply, cried hard, lost what was most precious to me and been given the greatest of gifts.
I got the cosmic joke from an early age but for most of my life I’ve been saddened by how few people are laughing.


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