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Johanna Sawalha

Johanna Sawalha is an Executive Coach and coach to high performers. She has particular expertise in coaching C-level professionals, building entrepreneurial companies, career building and transitions, as well as executive & leadership coaching and fast track sales force training.

She has created & led executive coaching programs at, among others, the following New York institutions: The Woodhull Institute for Ethical Leadership, The Learning Annex, SoHo House, as well as Stockholm School of Economics.  Jo’s also held a column in the trend watch magazine Modern Economy doing global analysis of world trends. She was Senior Vice President a New York based coaching firm teaching at MIT and Stanford Business School, with AOL, Sony and Conde Nast among their clients.  Her clients range from high-level executives at Blackstone Investment Group to the Hollywood movie industry. Her client roster features Blackstone, The Port Authority, and during her five years in Texas The San Antonio Current and affiliated media companies, The Media Justice League, Turner Holdings, San Antonio Sports and VentureLab – a non-profit STEM organization for girls. In Texas, Jo also held coaching workshops at Our Lady of the Lake University for student body, faculty and staff, as well coaching politicians in local government.






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