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Jodi Salice

Hi! I’m Jodi Salice, and I used to be a rock star!

What does that have to do with graphic design?

Well, my band and I spent a lot of time trying to work out our “image” and “look the part.” We were talented enough to share the stage with a world famous band, but none of us fit the stereotypes of the rock band lifestyle.

We were introverted, substance free, clean cut, and eager to get home for bed at the end of every long gig. Oh… and we were Christians.

At the time, I was a graphic design noob (though I had a lifetime of art experience and a BA) and I designed all our branding and promotional materials. My work was “awesome” at the time because it made our band look like bonafide rock stars!

I sincerely thought that would help to make us famous, but our image didn’t fit the deeper essence of who we were… quiet and content in our own thoughts.

Consequently, we did not attract the right audiences. Gigs failed before they even began because we didn’t meet social expectations. Our “image” caused us to look the *wrong* part, and the discrepancy sabotaged our efforts to develop a loyal fan base.

Eventually, our band split and we went our separate ways. The experience was painful, but I learned a hard lesson.

I went back to college to focus on graphic design, graduated with a perfect GPA, and in 2005 after three years gaining hands-on experience at a local printing company, I left to pursue my career in visual branding.

I have since developed a MUCH better understanding of the deeper purpose of graphic design, won three American Advertising Awards, and have enjoyed all these years as an independent provider and church musician.

My mission is to continue helping business-folk succeed through high-quality, strategic visual branding.

And maybe sing a bit, too!

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