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Jo Harlow-

Jo Harlow: Mentor Mumma is a voice in the conversation around mentor parenting. The idea that as parents our primary job just below unconditional love is to mentor our children through life.


At Mentor Mumma we predominantly focus on parenting of 9 to 19 year olds, and teach parents that in order to raise independent and respectful humans you have to put responsibility on their shoulders. This is done in a progressive manner which in turn builds self confidence, self esteem, respect, gratitude and a multitude of life skills.


Mentor Mumma’s alta ego is Jodie-Anne Harlow, aka Jo. Jo has a Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours … always put that part in there because that cost the most and was a lot of hard work!) and a degree in Journalism. In addition she has over 20 years working in the Community Services Sector with youth, disabled teens and adults, and people over 65.


Jo has authored several books. Her latest is Beyond School: Practical Tips for Teens which aims to help #breakthecycle and #educatetoelevate. Australia has an embarrassing 300,000+ cases of child abuse each year, and 17% of our children and teens live in poverty. The cycle of entitlement, welfare and poverty has to stop. Mentor Mumma movement and Jo’s book are just two tools making a difference and changing teenagers lives, and their families lives for the better.

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