1986:Combining isolation & visualization techniques, JJ Ashcraft learned...

1986:Combining isolation and visualization techniques, JJ Ashcraft learned how to overcome his fears

JJ Ashcraft

JJ Ashcraft-

After the death of his brother and the near loss of his parents in a tragic car accident at age three, JJ Ashcraft struggled with a fear of death that plagued him through childhood. After many failed attempts during his teenage years to break his fears, he found a tool that changed everything –

Sensory Deprivation Tanks.

Combining isolation and visualization techniques, JJ learned how to overcome his fears and push the boundaries of what he thought was possible in his own life. In the process, JJ partnered with two others and opened Gravity Spa, a flotation center where he figured out how to help others break difficult habits and become better versions of themselves. After selling his portion of the business, he decided to put his new skills to the ultimate test…what would prove to the world that these methods are legitimate? In a struggle between overcoming fears and finding passion, JJ takes a literal leap from 13,000 feet to find out that his deepest fears brought about a love for flying he never would have expected. Where will your fears take you? 


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