1878:Jill Fischer is dedicated to making a difference in the world…

jill fischer

Jill Fischer-

Jill Fischer is dedicated to making a difference in the world, creating joy, love and celebration where there has been suffering, pain and stress.

Hypnotherapy & Coaching on:
• Stress Reduction
• Accelerated Learning
• Confidence Building
• Healing Codependence
• Emotional Eating / Weight Loss
• Relationship Healing
• Nail Biting
• Depression
• Smoking Cessation
• Wealth Creation
• Addiction Release
• Accelerated Healing
• Chronic Pain Relief
• Bulimia Recovery
• Breakup Breakthrough
• Motivation
• Fear of Fear
• Procrastination
• Stuttering
• Sleep
• Positive Thinking
• Immune System Support

Your mind controls your brain,
Your brain controls your nervous system,
Your nervous system controls your body.

“If you’re not achieving your goals, Your mind is working against you!”

For many of us, we are doing everything we know to do, and it’s still not making a difference in the way we live our lives in relationships, health, prosperity, and more.

Experience the step by step Mind Reset process to have your mind support your goals.

You will achieve your goals.

Jill has assisted businesses and individuals around the world, including Australia, UK, from Guatemala to Switzerland and across the US and Canada.

Jill Fischer has:
• Appearances on CBC, CTV, Global, NHK World TV & numerous newspapers, publications & magazines
• Shared teleseminar with Neale Donald Walsch (author of Conversations with God)
• Shared the stage with don Miguel Ruiz (author of The Four Agreements), Harrison Klein (President of Masters Gathering), Shawne DuPeron (6 Time Emmy Award Winner)
• Hosted NHK Japan English Television Series
• International Speaker for weight loss, empowerment and wealth creation
• Member of National Guild of Hypnotists
• Founding Member of the Evolutionary Business Council
• Founding President of The Vancouver Holistic Chamber of Commerce


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