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Jessica N. Levenson 

Jessica N. Levenson brings over fourteen years as a straight-shooting innovative search and content thought leader to her role as VP of search and engagement at TechTarget in Newton, MA. In her current role, Levenson leads a team of SEO and social media managers overseeing full-cycle SEO and social media strategies for a portfolio of sites that drive over 200M visits annually and drive over 70% of its traffic organically. She is also the co-founder of the Women in Business group at TechTarget which is directly in support of her passionate commitment to feminism, women in STEM, and inclusivity. Prior to her role at TechTarget, Levenson owned SEO and social media at UBM and managed a portfolio of P&G and pharma brands as part of Catalyst/GroupM. Before search became her world, Levenson kicked off her career in web development and design as part of the Engineering department at EMC. Levenson is a New England native who happily resides in Massachusetts with her husband and their three children.


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