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  • Jeremy Slate helps business leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals, founders and CEO’s share their story to connect with the audience and become the leaders in their niche /Ep2547

Jeremy Slate-

Jeremy Slate: I have loved podcasting, its a truly life-changing medium. I’ve listened since about 2009, when it was still difficult to find the shows you loved.

In 2015, I took the plunge and started the Create Your Own Life Podcast, it was life-changing.

I took that platform and am helping others to become amazing podcast guests through my company: Command Your Brand Media.

We use the Power of Podcasting™ to help business leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals, founders and CEO’s share their story to connect with the audience and become the leaders in their niche.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

Snippet of Jeremy‘s previous episode [00:27]
What’s new? [01:01]
Talking about serving individuals [02:19]
How can I create more change? [03:36]
How are you adjusting as the family has grown? [05:05]
Tell us more about Command Your Brand. And how you serve individuals? [06:52]
The Problems of Work book – how does that impact your life today? [08:01]
How do you approach the concept of death? [09:11]
Where can people find out more about what you’re doing? [10:20]
In closing, is there anything else you’d like to share with our amazing audience? [11:06]

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