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Jenny Hogg Ashwell

Jenny Hogg Ashwell is a spiritual messenger who brings through Divine messages from the High Council to help us remember that we are Love, Loved, and Divinely guided with important and Divine purposes to serve. She also offers spiritual mentoring to help people with heart-centered missions connect to Divine Love and Guidance for clarity and courage, so that they can shine their light and make the difference their heart and soul are here to make. Together with Jesus, the archangels and other non-physical spiritual guides who make up the High Council and for whom she scribed the #1 International Bestseller Love’s Curriculum: Messages of Enlightenment, she is helping gather a Team for Love that will help awaken the planet to Love, Peace and Oneness.

Twenty years ago, Jenny left a career as a lawyer after she received a wake-up call from her soul that said: “Remember, you are meant to be doing something different.” At that moment, she embarked on a spiritual and personal growth journey that she continues today. Guided by intuition and Spirit, she discovered her soul assignment to scribe the book Love’s Curriculum and be a conduit for the High Council to work with people through the book, in individual mentoring, and in groups. In her work, she displays a beautiful balance between the intellect and the spiritual mystic.

As our companions through the current spiritual Awakening, Jesus, the archangels, and other spiritual teachers have gathered as the High Council and now share with us in Love’s Curriculum their messages of enlightenment. These Divine messages have a clear goal: To awaken us to the Love That Connects All. This book is the High Council’s gift to us—a guidebook for the journey.

Not only a book, Love’s Curriculum has become Jenny’s heart-centered and soul-guided movement to create community that will help awaken Love and higher consciousness in the world. Jenny now inspires others worldwide with her journey of transformation and by bringing through the High Council’s messages to us both in written and spoken form. As part of this global calling, Jenny hosts the Love’s Curriculum Radio Show on BBSradio.com and founded the Lightworkers & Love Advocates Group on Facebook. She has also developed programs, courses, and meditations designed to help you gain the clarity, connection, and courage you need to shine your light and live your soul’s Divine purpose.
Visit her website here: http://www.lovescurriculum.com
Get a copy of Love’s Curriculum Here: http://www.bit.ly/LovesCurriculumOnAmazon

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