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Jenni Edwards


RVer, author and adventurer, Jenni Raney Edwards was a huge success in sales in corporate America, founded a respected government contracts and staffing consulting company, designed and built Tiny Houses, building the first LEED Platinum Certified Tiny House in the World.  With all her achievements she discovered something was missing in her life.  Trading her Pradas for flip-flops, Jenni bought an RV and made the daring decision to hit the road alone, in search of the adventure of a lifetime, and boy did she find it!  After traveling the country as a solo woman, Jenni is now living the life that many only dream of!

Jenni is a motivational speaker who shares her captivating, and unforgettable stories, energizing and motivating every group who hears her speak. From corporate engagements to association conventions and charity events, she offers a diverse range of speaking experiences and talents.  Funny, professional and inspirational, Jenni shares from personal experiences allowing her to relate directly to every audience.   Jenni’s book, Bumping Down Highways, will be available on Amazon for pre-sale mid February and hit the shelves summer of 2019. Available at all bookstores and on Amazon.com


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