1851:Jelle Drijver helps entrepreneurs find suitable office space

1851:Jelle Drijver helps entrepreneurs find suitable office space

Jelle Drijver

Jelle Drijver-

Jelle Drijver- With a lot of fun and enthusiasm, we help entrepreneurs find suitable office space (and at the same time we help potho owners to find nice, enthusiastic tenants.) That way we make entrepreneurs happy & (empty) real estate profitable again. Our working method is sympathetic and nicely arranged.

When I was looking for a suitable office space with my company MegaExposure in 2012, I became acquainted with the traditional brokers of this world (if I ever start behaving like a traditional broker, you can hit me hard in my face). Maybe I just hit the wrong one, but I found them pretty uninterested, arrogant and not very sympathetic. When after a year without other entrepreneurs/tenants around us were in need of some fun and nice neighbors, I decided to “do it for myself”. I made a website, applied my knowledge of internet marketing and social media and 18 months later the entire building was full of 43 tenants and a waiting list was created. For those tenants on the waiting list, I went looking for another property.

When someone asked, “What are you doing?” I replied: “If you have an empty building, we will put Pepper in again!”. Peper has now grown into a quirky player in real estate in your property and we rent out several office and collection buildings in, among others, Utrecht, Hilversum and Amersfoort.

So are you an entrepreneur and are you looking for nice office space? Or are you a property owner and are looking for nice tenants? Feel free to contact me. My telephone numbers: 030-4200000 (office) / 06-19900000 (mobile). I would like to help you.


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