378: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Jeffrey Pierce

Jeffrey Pierce-

Jeffrey Pierce is a best-selling author, speaker, mental performance coach and inspirational youth leader yet, most importantly a husband and a Dad. Through Jeff’s personal life experience and 36 years as a private business owner and corporate business leader, he recognized the importance of an individual’s values and beliefs toward achieving success.

Jeffrey Pierce was born in Binghamton NY and due to his father’s employment, went to 10 schools during his 13 years of formal education. Due to the extensive moving, Jeff was always the “tall skinny new kid on the block” in school. Therefore, Jeff was the recipient of name calling and belittling before it was even known as “Bullying”. It was during the summer at the end of Jeff’s sophomore year in high school that the family went through a total loss due to the Hurricane Agnes flood. Thus, launching Jeff to learn how to rebuild a home at the age of 16.

At the age of 23 Jeff started his own Residential Design Build Construction Company. For 9 years he served on the local Home Builders Association Board. Twelve years later with a downturn in the economy that took 10% of the local community jobs, killed the construction industry and wiped out the home building business and forced Jeff into bankruptcy. That in itself was a tremendous learning experience. This lead Jeff to the position of Project Manager for a National Commercial Construction Company, building several multi-million dollar projects across the country.

For 34 years Jeff has coached or assisted coaching youth sports from competitive travel soccer teams, multiple levels of racing, youth football, peewee and middle school wrestling. During his many years of coaching youth sports and his son’s participation in multiple sports he was always intrigued by the mental part of the game. In the current years, Jeff has focused on teaching youth that having fun and learning was more important than winning. A deeper understanding of the true importance of the Mental Game became dramatically important when Jeff stepped foot onto a wrestling mat at the age of 50 to help teach youth that you have to face your fears at any age. Jeff never expected that this experience was going to be a rematch of “David VS Goliath”. Jeff, (David) this skinny 50 year old guy VS (Goliath) this 28 year old Marine home on leave who had been lifting weights since his high school days and had arms and legs twice the size of Jeff. Jeff’s deep understanding of mental performance helps him and his wife stay mentally strong while his wife battle’s stage 4 colon cancer.

The knowledge that Jeff has gained from personal challenges, private business, corporate business and life experiences, has helped him to understand there are vital principles that can be learned to help better handle what life will throw their way as we grow and are faced with the “Game of Life”.
Jeff has assembled success principles into the “Ladder of Success” which he explains in his book, “Building Champions” – 7 Success Principles for Youth Sports and the Game of Life. The principles are Goals, Mental Mindset, Confidence, Passion, Discipline, Modeling and Teamwork. During Jeff’s coaching of youth, he has found that if you can instill life lessons, values, beliefs and principles that they can learn and become familiar with during their youthful years in something that they enjoy doing, the results will be everlasting!

Jeffrey Pierce has spoken at Toastmaster and Rotary meetings, community college entrepreneur group, has inspired hundreds of youth and teens in New York, has done private youth coaching and family coaching. He is now working with Dave Austin with Extreme Focus to bring the “Ladder of Success” principles and the Extreme Focus system to youth sports as well as in an after-school program starting in New York with the mission to go across the USA.
To learn more about how Jeff can help inspire and empower your team to through Life Success Principles and mental mindset call 607-727-6362, send an email to jeff@sportswealthinc.com or visit his website http://www.sportswealthinc.com

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