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Jeanette Peacock


Jeanette Peacock: I’m a veteran of designing and delivering training programs to thousands of people, as well as a coach and thinking partner to leaders and their teams. I’m certified to coach learning, parenting, and executive development. I’m also the founder of Learn2LearnNow®, a learning & development company that leverages brain science, educational psychology and coaching techniques to train children of all ages the cutting-edge science, strategies and tools that empower them to tap into and engineer their cognition and behavior…because science tells us that everyone has the potential to be smart, but few are professionally trained the science and strategy of learning…and I don’t think that’s fair! To level the playing field, I researched and collaborated with neuroscientists and learning experts to create training programs that install the knowledge, skills, tools and daily habits, used by centuries by Master Learners, and now scientifically-proven to optimize learning, thinking and working. These are the traits and behaviors experts agree are essential for individuals to outperform their competition and remain relevant in a transformative world, growing increasingly more automated and populated by artificial intelligence. These are the employment currency of tomorrow, the bank that will build security. My mission is to empower as many children as possible by equipping them with the skills they need to earn A’s today, beat the competition tomorrow and remain relevant in the future. I envision a world in which a level playing field exists so that all children have access to the type of training that creates Master Learners and guarantees success.

I’m working every day to make that happen. And now, together with friends, family and a legion of volunteers, I’ve launched Stepping Up for Children in Need, The Annette Foundation, Inc., made possible by generous donations from people across the world. This foundation is the realization of my sister, Annette Lavery’s, vision. A former teacher, humanitarian and child advocate, Annette died in November 2017, just before her 55th birthday. In life, Annette inspired all who knew her to step up for people in need, especially children. Even as she contemplated death, Annette’s primary focus remained with those less fortunate than she. Just days before she died, she took my hand and asked me one last time to step up. I do so by equipping the children who need it most with the same developmental opportunities as those delivered by my commercial enterprise. It is, by far, the best thing I’ve ever done.


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