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Jeanette Bronée 

Performance Strategist, Culture Coach, International Keynote & TEDx Speaker, Author & Founder of Path for Life Inc.

Jeanette helps leaders and companies rethink performance by asking the Right Why™ so they can lead themselves and their people better and achieve sustainable success. She is passionate about creating a culture of care, that integrates tech and humanity so we can unlock what truly drives performance, engagement and motivation from the inside out. For the past 15 years, she has coached clients and delivered speeches about how physical health and emotional, social and mental wellbeing affect our performance and prevent stress and burnout. She shows how our mindset affects our self-care habits at work and at home and believes that when we leave our humanity at the door when we go to work, we leave behind our most valuable resource for success. She incorporates her background in integrative nutrition, mindfulness and hypnotherapy as well as leadership and team-development to help people work better by working healthy. Born in Denmark, she believes that a work-culture of care drives “happy performance” and investing in people’s health at work, is the most important foundation for sustainable success, both personal and organizational.


Website: http://www.jeanettebronee.com

For videos: https://www.jeanettebronee.com/keynote-speaker/

blog: http://pathforlife.com

twitter: @jeanettebronee

LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/jeanettebronee


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