1885:Javed S Khan is an accomplished professional speaker

1885:Javed S Khan is an accomplished professional speaker

Javed S Khan

Javed S Khan-

An accomplished professional speaker, Javed S Khan has been a featured keynote at hundreds of conferences, meetings and seminars having spoken to more than 8,000 organizations.

Possessing a wealth of knowledge and experience in building relationships, marketing, brand development and communications, Javed tailors and delivers keynote messages that really resonate with audiences.

Each speaking experience is set to empower the audience with critical strategies guaranteed to positively transform the way they market their business.

In addition to his speaking business, he is the founder of Empression: a marketing services company that works with highly motivated entrepreneurs and organizations – developing and managing marketing programs with a purpose that catch people’s attention, and over the long-term generate results through awareness and support of sales.

He’s a proud father of two awesome kids, Adam and Jasmine and his loving wife, Jennifer.


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