Jason Butler is the Owner of My Money Chronicles /Ep2338

Jason Butler is the Owner of My Money Chronicles /Ep2338


Jason Butler

Jason Butler is the owner of My Money Chronicles, a website where he discusses personal finance, side hustles, travel and more. Jason is from Atlanta, Georgia. He graduated from Savannah State University. Jason has his BA in Marketing.

Jason started his blog in 2013 as way to hold himself accountable. He started taking it serious in 2015 and things slowly started to get better for him. He became more focused on his finances and his writing. Jason realized that if he wanted things to change, he’d have to practice more discipline and do what others weren’t doing. Jason started answering Sallie Mae’s phone calls instead of ignoring them. He got current on all his debt within three months. Because of those things, Jason was able to increase his credit score by 168 points in 8 months. He’s currently in the process of eliminating over $72,000 worth of debt.

Jason has been featured in Forbes, Discover and Investopedia over the years.



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