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Jared Wiese

Jared Wiese is a LinkedIn Trainer, LinkedIn Profile & Resume Writer, and LinkedIn Speaker.

Jared got his start with an IT programming degree. Yet he was never the type to bang out code in a cubicle. He was always asking WHY. This started at a young age with a fascination with personal development from the likes of Dan Millman (Way of The Peaceful Warrior) and Stephen R. Covey (The 7 Habits).

Eventually, this led to Jared’s becoming an IT Business Analyst Where he had to find out what the business wanted (WHY), translate it (WHAT) and ensure it got implemented (HOW). This was a great background and segue for him helping others with their job search… jumping in to understand them, their ideal job and helping them implement it!

Today, Jared helps job seekers attract recruiters, businesses find and turn leads into prospects, and trains individuals and groups to maximize LinkedIn.

He posts mainly on LinkedIn with hashtags of #ProfilesThatPop!™ for #PersonalDevelopment, #TipsThatPOP & #Careers. He posts #3FreeTips daily. His best content: https://jaredjwiese.fyi.to/jared-j-wiese-all-best-content.

Follow him at https://www.linkedin.com/in/jaredjwiese-profiles-that-pop/ and engage to see his content. (Following alone is no guarantee you’ll see it. 😉
His company website: ProfilesThatPOP.com

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