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Jamila Jeffers-

Jamila Jeffers is a Self-Management Consultant, Coach and Author . For nearly a decade, she have been learning and mastering the ins and outs and coaching others in elements of Self-Management. An umbrella term she uses to describe Time-Management, Project Management, Organisation, Productivity, Efficiency, Motivation, Goal-Setting and Goal achieving all working together in unison.

Jamila mainly works with busy female ‘preneurs’ and professionals from a variety sectors supporting them past the deluge of details, being frozen in procrastination to rediscover their confidence in their goals and achieve their life, business and career aspirations.

She does not believe in sacrificing to achieve your work-life balance but rather in achieving your version of a Whole Abundant Life. When working with Jamila you begin build a personalised SUCCESS RoadMap reducing your anxiety, defining your goals for your life, family and business.

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