1040:Jamie Sullivan’s been a bright light in the field of Hypnotherapy


Jamie Sullivan-

Jamie Sullivan’s been a bright light in the field of Hypnotherapy for over a decade now. She’s spent the better part of the last 14 years working with and studying Hypnosis, Imaginative Therapy, Life Design, Entrepreneurship, Birth, Death, and Permaculture. For the last three years, Jamie’s been leading groups of remarkable women to explore and create epically meaningful lives while tending her skills at Aumakua Integrated wellness Clinic in Vancouver, Canada. Jamie knows transformation from the inside out. She’s a Master in her field, and always walks her talk. This woman is ferocious in her loving, sparkly in her being, and sincere in everything she does. 

“The seeds we plant within and nurture for ourselves, we plant also for those we love.  My garden is sometimes wild, at times picked clean and empty, so I breathe, and ask my garden what next I need.  I listen, and tend again – sometimes stopping in wonder at the marvel of this all.”

Jamie Sullivan

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