1982:James Higgins is a web developer and graphic designer

1982:James Higgins is a web developer and graphic designer

James Higgins

James Higgins-

James Higgins is a web developer and graphic designer hailing from Calgary, Alberta Canada.

James Higgins is the founder of the Selfing Teen Support Foundation, a startup not for profit also based out of Calgary, Alberta. Selfling is the foundation behind the Selfling Teens Support App which will launch in mid 2016 on the Apple App Store. Selfling’s mission is to help build stronger connections between teens and teens support agencies.

James is very eager to speak to other teen support agencies, youth coaches, and other professionals that work with teens and to discover how Selfling can help them out when it comes to connecting with teens.

In July of 2016, James will be launching a crowdfunding campaign through ATB’s Alberta Boostr Program and will be campaigning heavily for support to help fund the first version of the app. Stay tuned!

James has a total of 11 years experience in the field and holds a Digital Media Arts Diploma from Sprott-Shaw Community College as well as a Web Developer Certificate from Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT). In April of 2014, James registered his company, SLIcore Design in Alberta and has since begun working with small businesses in Calgary (with one client in the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia).

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