1232:Jaimee Newberry is the Co-Founder of Picture This Clothing 

1232:Jaimee Newberry is the Co-Founder of Picture This Clothing 

Jaimee Newberry-

Jaimee Newberry: I’m a Co-Founder of Picture This Clothing – a company launched with my friends on Aug 17, 2016 (and went viral).
I’m a professional experimenter, writer and keynote speaker. I’m also the mother of two girls named Sophia and Zia, and two cats named Rocky and Adrian, and I am the girlfriend of a beautiful, shy man who likes to remain mostly anonymous.

I’m passionate about sharing the stories I’ve lived throughout 18 years as a designer, UX practitioner, manager, co-worker, partner, business owner, and employee counselor.
I’m inspired by fun, Muppets, Disney and a good sprinkling of rebellion.

I weave in experience and learnings from life as a mom, a woman-in-tech, a life designer and as a human being. I’m also a coach, I like to help people. And teams of people.

A Few Of The Other Things I Do:

  • Started Picture This Clothing (Aug 2016)
  • Advisor at native app dev + training co: MartianCraft.
  • Started a thing called #TinyChallenges (Dec 2014)
  • Co-host of #TinyChallenges show (Jan-Apr 2016)
  • Personal Challenge + YouTube experimentalist
  • Advocate + Speaker for WomenWhoTest
  • Volunteer + Advocate for AppCampForGirls
  • Evangelist for the narwhal iOS app for reddit
  • Co-founder of Bests.com (now retired)
  • Co-Founder + Catalyst for @wwdcgirls | wwdcgirls.com
  • Finishing my first book (goal release: 2017)

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