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  • Jacqueline Auguste is a lead singer and co-creator of Across The Board – Toronto-based indie pop/rock band and founder of indie label Sawbone Records /Ep2587

Jacqueline Auguste-

Jacqueline Auguste: ​Across The Board is an award-winning Canadian rock band from Toronto, Ontario. Formed in 2013, Across The Board quickly gained popularity with their YouTube cover series Pick Up and Play (now with over 500 videos on YouTube), imprinting their unique and innovative musical style and videography on both contemporary and classic rock songs while featuring other local artists as guests. Across The Board includes founding members Jacqueline Auguste (lead vocals/lead guitar) and Andy Ramjatten (guitar/percussion), with supporting members Martin Heller (keyboards), Ryan Sousa (drums), Ben Healey (guitar), Tasha Henry and Shezelle Weekes (backing vocals). Across The Board’s debut album, Jane On Fire, was released in 2016 to critical acclaim with their second record and EP, Amends, following in 2017. 2018 brought along their third record and album, Sonic Boom. Sonic Boom has achieved two gold medal Global Music Awards, while also receiving nominations for four Josie Music Awards. Across The Board is a recipient of the Indie Music Hall of Fame and the title track off Sonic Boom reached #4 on the Canadian iTunes Rock Charts in September 2018. ATB is a 2019 Canadian GMA Covenant Award Nominee.

New album, “Wild Ones” drops on March 22nd, 2019.



TOUR DATES: https://tourbox.songkick.com/artists/8756314/calendar

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