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Fr. Jabriel Ballentine-

Fr. Jabriel Ballentine is a personal pastor who inspires people through biblical insights and spiritual vision to develop fuller relationships with God, themselves and those around them so that they can find ever-greater fulfillment in their lives. Learn more at: http://bit.ly/2C6yaNE

He is host of Blacks with Power podcast, which is a theological guide for those Blacks in America who find themselves in positions of power and want to discover ways to use that power in order to advance the Cause of Freedom for themselves, their family and others. He is also cohost of Racial Heresy, a monthly podcast on Christian theology and racial reconciliation that debunks the established racial doctrines which keep us separate and helps people engage in meaningful conversations across the color line. He is also the author and performer of Journey to the Promised Land, an album of Gospel inspired spoken word poetry that inspires compassion for those who live outside of mainstream American life.

Fr. Jabriel holds a Master’s Degree from the Virginia Theological Seminary and a Bachelor’s from the University of Maryland. He is an Executive Council Member for the Episcopal Church, serving as liaison to the Church’s Commission on Anti-Racism. He resides in Dr. Phillips, Florida with his wife and children.


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