399: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Ivan Raiklin

399: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Ivan Raiklin

Ivan Raiklin-

Ivan Raiklin is an aggressive Advisor/Investor in early stage (pre-Seed) technology Startups. He advises CEOs on life-hack strategies to be more efficient in life and managing their business. Additionally, he provides growth strategies and insight on the most current tools to apply in developing a digital marketing strategy. His geographic focus is the #DCTECH, DMV, NYC, Chicago, San Antonio, Austin, and Silicon Valley startup ecosystems. Key areas of interest are consumer facing platform applications, artificial intelligence, augmented/mixed/virtual reality startups, social media management/listening tools, 3D printing, robotics, drones. Please send a pitch deck and follow up with a twitter video DM to @raiklin if you would like to start the conversation. Additionally, I am always up for a coffee to talk startups and business!

Please also visit http://www.angelist.co/ivan-raiklin to see companies I have previously invested in and have been an advisor to.

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