Ingrid Thompson is Founder of Healthy Numbers, where she is a...)

1261:Ingrid Thompson is Founder of Healthy Numbers, where she is a Business Mentor, Coach and Trainer.

Ingrid Thompson-

Ingrid Thompson is Founder of Healthy Numbers, where she is a Business Mentor, Coach and Trainer. She specialises in working with health professionals to create, start and grow their own business. Ingrid is passionate about small business start-ups and helps people set foundations while ensuring they are under no false illusion about cost and commitment.

With that in mind, Ingrid provides business start-ups with face to face and online training and coaching, to help individuals harness their potential.

Ingrid Thompson chose to specialise in the health and wellness sector because she noticed that many people working in the health and wellbeing professions receive great technical training and rarely if ever do they receive business and financial literacy training.  Ingrid has a particular interest working with Pilates studios, yoga studios, and personal trainers.

Ingrid also has some terrific reviews of her programs over on Facebook and in Google.

What is Ingrid’s Biz Philosophy:

Starting a business is a lot like getting a Boeing 747 jumbo or an Airbus A380 off the ground; it takes an enormous effort to overcome the gravitational force of the earth.

Starting a business takes an enormous gravitational pull to overcome what Ingrid calls “business startup gravitational force”. This is the force that holds a business back from getting started and is the reason that it can take a while for a business to actually get up and running.

When we jump into things feet first and take a “by the seat of my pants” approach it can result in mistakes, errors, lost time, unproductive effort and can cost a lot of money. Of course there are always going to be mistakes and we learn from them. When getting started in business there are ways to prevent the obvious mistakes. Ingrid has spent most of the past 15 years working with small businesses and she has developed a methodology that works!

Specialising in the health and wellness sector, Ingrid’s methods and style have proven to be successful in a broad range of professions including Pilates studios, yoga studios, personal trainers, dance schools, physiotherapists, chiropractors, and acupuncture clinics. She has also developed a high level of expertise in working with Dental Practices.

Ingrid has recently developed an online course specifically for Pilates Studios “So You Want to Start a Pilates Business” which has been PAA approved in Australia and has received PMA approval in US for PD credits; super exciting!

Ingrid’s Podcast:

Ingrid Thompson is also host of the popular iTunes podcast “So You Want to Start a Business”. In these podcasts, Ingrid interviews a variety of business owners, entrepreneurs and other smart guests so that you can learn tips, tactics and strategies to implement in your business.  She has interviewed John Lee Dumas, Sharon Thurin, Kate Toon, Kelly Roach and many other great guests.

Ingrid has also appeared as a guest on other popular podcasts, including: EoFire with John Lee Dumas, EPN with Eric Dye, Flying Solo, Miss Bossy Boots, and The Theatre of You.

Ingrid’s new Book (which she hopes will be released by Christmas!):

Ingrid is also author of soon to be published book “So You Want to Start a Business” which contains the 7 steps to create, start and grow your own business, with a foreword by Valerie Khoo, CEO Australian Writers’ Centre, who says: “This is a book that needed to be written and Ingrid is the perfect person to write it. Ingrid has successfully done what she suggests her readers do. This is a book that will help you decide many of the essential aspects of getting started in your own business.”

What makes Ingrid tick outside of work…..

Ingrid enjoys Pilates and yoga.  She is also a keen surfer who spends most Saturdays on Bondi Beach with her partner Mark. Her other passion, aside from her business, are her 3 cats.  Ingrid also loves good wine, good conversation, and she doesn’t mind a good plate of food either, especially when she doesn’t have to do the dishes.

Ingrid’s Partner Charities:

Ingrid supports the Fred Hollows Foundation and Animals Australia.

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