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Hosna Shahin

Hosna Shahin is a business coach. She is the founder of Breakthrough Legend, a digital marketing & consulting agency where they help coaches breakthrough 6-Figures & beyond with their group coaching program.

She’s been working online with coaches since 2012 but as a techie virtual assistant. The way she works with clients have changed and evolved a lot since then. In 2015, she became an online business manager and started working with coaches in that capacity. In 2017, she created Breakthrough Legend to be able to grow as an agency and support her clients with coaching, OBM services as well as tech support and implementation services.

Hosna’s specialty is building, launching, marketing & scaling group coaching programs PLUS delivering them through membership sites.

She partners with coaches, working side by side, to build & scale a successful coaching business.

She offers coaches the best of both worlds. Proven strategies and systems that get results AND an awesome team that get it done the right way.

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