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Herb Cloutier 

Herb Cloutier wears many hats. He is a graphic/web designer, social media marketing specialist, podcast host/producer and owner of the Earplug Podcast Network. He has been podcasting for over 8 years. After starting his first podcast those many years ago, he decided to start a network called FanboysInc with six shows weekly focusing on the world of comic books, movies and popculture. After some personal issues came to the for front, FanboysInc was put on hold for a few years. During this time many friends and listeners reached out and convinced Herb to get back on the mic, this was when the Earplug Podcast Network was born in 2017, with focus on the comic book and popculture world but not limited to just those topics. As the popularity of podcasts growing it was time to branch out and grow into different topics and shows with 16 weekly/biweekly shows. Herb produces and hosts his new podcast The RANT With DW and produces 3 weekly different podcasts out of the 16 weekly shows that are on the network.
Feeling the need to help people get their voice heard, in 2018 Herb started the Earplug Podcast Studio where people can learn and start their own podcast in a very comfortable and fun environment.
Network for all podcasts: http://earplugpodcast.com/
My Twitter: https://twitter.com/HerbCloutier
My instagram: https://www.instagram.com/herb.cloutier/


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