793:Helen Rebello says, My strength lies in my inherent ability to embody calm and to create a safe, restorative sanctuary space for others

Helen Rebello-

Helen Rebello says, ‘My strength lies in my inherent ability to embody calm and to create a safe, restorative sanctuary space for others. I help stressed soulful women, who serve others, find pockets of peace and calm in their busy lives, so that they can liberate their life from the inside out.

I’m an endlessly curious soul, a lover of life, people and animals, a grounded spiritual yogi, gratitude junkie, a realist who believes in magic, an extrovert introvert, a re-emerging writer and a lifelong learner.

If all that sounds pretty sorted, it isn’t really; I’m learning daily how to live from my heart, believe I’m enough, trust in my mission and lovingly poke the face of fear in the eye when it tries to tell me I’m deluded!

Originally following my head to train in Radiography and Medical Imaging, I honoured the call of my heart several years ago to change my life before I broke. Fighting my way out of severe anxiety and depression, I stepped into the abyss; abandoning security and following my curiosity to learn more empowered approaches to health and wellbeing.

I trained for several years in Eastern modalities, such as Shiatsu, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Mediation and Yoga, opening up new worlds and rediscovering myself in the process.  The theories and practices I learned were my sanity saviours. Even before I knew what mindfulness was, or that it was even a ‘thing’, I naturally discovered the simple power of being aware, and present. I got good at noticing what I was triggered by, what I was denying in myself, what I was suppressing, and what my body was trying to tell me.

I’ve since followed a slowly unfolding path of self-discovery and these learnings form the foundations of my work, because they brought me back home to myself when I was lost – and from that place, I now live a nourishing, aligned, joyful and tranquil life 🙂

I believe that you are enough exactly as you are – you don’t need to be more, do more, bend more, or hide yourself. Learning to truly accept that brings inner calm, clarity and confidence; truly liberating your life from the core outwards.

Life is too short to spend it living in cruise control, unaware, heading to a destination you didn’t even set.  

No matter what comes your way, I’ve learned it is possible to wake up every morning feeling truly grateful for another day in which you get to live, love, laugh and play in the world. I created The Tranquil Path to offer a supported pathway to a more conscious and aligned life – one with more lightness, peace, joy, awareness and presence – liberation in all senses’.

You can find out more about my work and what qualifies me to be a Peaceful Pathfinder for others, over at http://www.thetranquilpath.co.uk


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