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Haidar Al Hakim

Dr.Haidar Al Hakim

Dr.Haidar Al Hakim: I’m an author, international speaker, ophthalmic surgeon and burnout/mindset coach — helping doctors and success-driven entrepreneurs stay focused, stable, fulfilled, and in touch with their purpose. Whatever that purpose may be.

In short: Helping people just like you to avoid professional burnout and personal despair.

Dr. Haidar Al-hakim aka ‘Dr. Bond’ was born in 1975 in Baghdad to a Marine Biologist father and a loving mother, both from Iraq. Leaving Iraq for the UK in 1979, to enable his father to continue his academic studies in Nottingham, he found himself growing up in the UK and relocated to North London in the mid-1980s.

Dr. Bond is here to share, teach and enrich all areas of your life by encouraging you to open your mind to one simple thought – its all a matter of perspective!

Throughout history, the concept of the Third Eye has been used to represent many elements of mysticism, religion, and self-fulfillment. In my case, it most definitely leans toward the latter.

To me, the Third Eye represents personal insight. It’s the lens through which we can see clearly into ourselves. The Third Eye is our intuition – the part of us that interprets and signals the world around us, and which we should trust far more often than we actually do.

That’s why I use it as a metaphorical moniker: In the physical realm, I mend physical eyes. In the psychological realm, I help mend your internal one – so you can benefit from the life-changing power that clear, uncompromising insight into your own mental makeup will bring.

When your Third Eye is open, you can see what drives you, what upsets you, what excites you, and what matters most to you. More importantly, you can see exactly how these things affect your behaviour and your outcomes, and predict and control how you act in order to generate the best possible result.

It’s with an open Third Eye that you gain clarity – a life on your own terms, instead of a soul-destroying struggle through endless fog.

That is why I created the Spirited Breakthrough experience – a six-week intensive programme designed to break you out of the destructive cycles of stress and burnout.

Because life is always so much more than we let ourselves see.


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