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Gwenda Smith-

Gwenda Smith is a trailblazer and unconventional practitioner with a proven track record of success over 30 years. Having changed hundreds of people’s lives over the years. Working with individuals and groups she provides dynamic, interactive sessions to people who want to embrace a life enriched and empowered, being strong in mind, body & soul. Through her proven techniques and approach, she will teach you how to make decisions & choices which will enrich your life and help you achieve all that you dream of and hope for on all 8 platforms of wellness. She will provide you with tools and easy to follow steps to embrace a whole Holistic lifestyle to achieve optimum health & wellness.

“Gwenda is one of the world’s leading complementary medicine and natural healing influencers with a special interest in the innate ability we all have to heal ourselves. She is a global speaker and mentors for men and women who want to feel fulfilled, happy and peaceful. Through her combined approach of Holistic knowledge and her natural ability with Spirit Medicine, you will gain valuable insights and practices into healing through food, posture, breathe, nature and energetic alignment for more vitality, happiness, and fulfillment in your life.”

Her Vision

Gwenda has a vision of building strong communities around the Globe who are healthy, fit and strong; mentally, emotionally and physically. A vital part of well-being is to be empowered from within. Many people lose their sense of personal importance by way of self-esteem and self-worth, she strives to guide, lead, inspire and teach people how to regain their personal sense of value, self-worth and be empowered into their right of happiness and health.

Abilities Beyond the Teaching of the Systemised World- 35 years

Natural born “Seer”; between the worlds, energy bodies of people, connect with those who have passed from this realm, conduit of the Light of healing of The Almighty Divine, Messenger/Channel of the Archangels.

Gwenda can “see’ disease and illness before it has manifested into the physical, the reason it is there and where it has come from.

Past life soul fragmentation

Deep healing channeled meditations

School of W.E.S.H – An advanced school of Wisdom Enlightenment and Healing for the naturally gifted souls who find it difficult to walk this life and balance it with their gifts.


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