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Greg Caillol

Trainer & Consultant freelance I help companies and professionals to design and implement their business and brand development strategy, in order to increase their sales and marketing efficiency, thanks to digital and  social media platforms.

After an experience as Mass Market Area Manager at Epson (3 years) consisting in piloting the results of 150 points of sales as well as in the training of the integrrated and externalized sales forces, I have been in charge of driving the sales developement of French companies abroad (french, spanish and english speaking markets – 2 years). 

Once back in France I have set up my own consultancy business whilst introducing and developing the #LinkedinLocal mouvement in France (+20 cities) all the meanwhile contributing to the global development of the LinkedinLocal community in +80 countries and of the Localx company.

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Engel Jones

I am a podcaster who has now had over 2900 recorded podcast conversations, plus 349 live interviews in 12 weeks, while driving through the 48 states of the US plus the eastern and western side of Canada.

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