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Greg & Bradley-

Greg & Bradley are the Founders & Hosts of Stage One Startup – a weekly business podcast for startups & aspiring entrepreneurs to learn from some of the most influential entrepreneurs around the globe as to what it takes to build a successful, thriving & innovative business idea.
The last 3 years have been some hell of an experience. We launched Stage One Startup back in August 2016 so are still relatively new to the entrepreneurial industry, but have had some great wins along the way so far – to include managing to bag high profile guests to interview for our listeners to take great value from, entering the Top 150 business podcast charts a handful of times and growing our social media presence – especially on Instagram where we inspire 24K+ followers every single day.
We started out just as two young school friends who met for a drink after work one night in London. After throwing back happy hour drinks and discussing inspiring & creative business ideas we could start together, we thought of many and tried many. Being young guys, little did we know what it takes to turn an idea into a successful business that the market needed, and being two success driven money hungry teens – it wasn’t the best match! We failed, a lot, learned a lot and needed to find out what our true purpose was before we started a serious business.
18 months later, after experimenting different business ideas, and learning from mistakes and mentors – we managed to come to an agreement on a serious business that we both could see a great vision for – that business being Stage One Startup.
Stage One Startup isn’t just educating other struggling startups out there looking to know what goes into creating a viable business, but it’s also educating us as the hosts because we are learning from leaders all around the world with 1 to 1 interaction and getting to ask them all the questions we want.
After a firing start so far, we hold a strong, focused & well structured vision for Stage One Startup as we are currently working on building the brand into a multi-faceted, global digital media company dedicated to helping struggling startups get their ideas off the ground, and from stage one to success.
At 22 years old, we are married to our business and are missing out on nights out with friends, missing out on watching box sets of house of cards as we are dedicated to building our business into the multi-million dollar dream we see it becoming over the years whilst serving startups with the preparation they need to build a thriving business, along the way.
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